And we are untuk you.

Hey there!... We love to design and build dream homes untuk you. So what makes us so special, you ask? Well, we understand the Malaysian lifestyle like the back of our hand, 'cause we're Malaysians through and through! Our DREAM homes bukan je designed with all of life’s NECESSITIES surrounded but also built with easy ATTAINABILITY untuk semua generations.

Kenapa? Sebab we love munching on some delicious nasi lemak, sipping on teh tarik, and dreaming big just like you!

If you are like us and want to own a place without sacrificing your hip lifestlyle,
then duduk is untuk you.

If you want the dream place with everything that you want – swimming pool yang grand, garden cantik, gym tiptop, playground meriah –
then duduk is untuk you.

If you think that this is too good to be true, and that the quality is probably suss, fret not, we are a part of EcoWorld.
duduk untuk you!